Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


Hi! This weeks topic, favorite kinds of pie!! Oh...um..yum!!

1. Lemon Meringue - just yum!!

2. Strawberry, preferably mine ;)

3. Blueberry - even better if Maine blueberries ;)...seriously, I like almost any berry pie

4. Coconut Cream - I could eat one all by myself...probably why I never keep it in the house ;) Sonic has a good shake though...

5. Pumpkin - mainly in the fall

6. Apple - especially with Macintosh and other apples mixed in :)

7. Boston Cream - chocolate, sponge cake & custard...yum!

8. Touche Pie - French Canadian meat pie, sigh I miss my Me'mere's!

9. Chocolate Chip aka Tollhouse Cookie pie - now what's not to love about this...huh ;)

10. Key Lime - love the tartiness of this!

So, so many more! Leftover baked chicken pie....strawberry rhubarb...

You notice no nut pies...yeah..pecan is ok, not a favorite

Links not necessarily recipes I've tried, but hey, gets you started should you now be hungry for some PIE!

1 comment:

Discoknits said...

So many pies, so little time (or calorie allowance!).
My fave pie is plain old apple. Even better with some raisins & sultanas and cinnamon. I'm put off the whole slice though, if there's even a tiny piece of that scratchy core bit in the first bite.