Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Crochet Potholder Swap...Received!

Amongst the pile of boxes by the front door today, these lovelies arrived! (don't get excited over the boxes..only 1 had a skein or two of yarn and Malabrigo Book 3 :) (Lots I want to knit in there!)  The others were stuff for moving...
It's always exciting to see what ones you'll end up with after seeing everyone's FO's in the thread.
My 5 Potholders from 2011 Crochet Potholder swap

How intricate or a lot of crocheting in this one!
Stained Glass Potholder
What's kinda funny is I copied her little tag idea...funny I got one of hers!

I really love this pattern, simple but the different colors make it :)
Love the colors!

Good thing Cristi doesn't live too might want this one ;)
Close up :)

This one is a neat construction, you add the edging after.
So cool!

Neat design here too :)
Close up 2 :)

No one has received mine that I know of yet. I love mine and will pack them away with last years to decorate my new where is the box I put them in?????


Anonymous said...

They are all beautiful, but the Stained Glass one is awesome. Glad they will be brightening up your new home.

Kaye said...

Ooo! Love them all! I wonder which one will become the most heavily used (or am I the only one that favors some potholders over others?)

dianne said...

It's amazing how clever and talented some people are! I love them all :-)

KARIN said...

Seeing all these potholders, on your site and Ravelry have inspired me to take up crochet. Hopefully by summer's end, I will be making these as well.

Batty said...

April 27, huh?
Those potholders are awesome. Love 'em. All those happy colors make work around the house so much easier.

LaBean said...

Oh and I thought these were what YOU were making for the swap. Oops. Got confuzzled for a bit. But they are lovely. That stained glass one is calling to me. I've already bookmarked the pattern so it's just a matter of getting a chance to hit up the store for some cotton. I could sure use some new potholders.