Sunday, May 01, 2011

Weekends were made for....

well I wish it was for a certain beer (aging myself here or what!)

What you see here is some of the tornado damage of a few weeks ago.
broke at the base

Trust me, it could have been so much worse, we are really thankful! Finally, the insurance adjustor came out and took pictures and checked out our roof. (only minimal damage, a few loose shingles...phew!!)

just couldn't take it and fell down..

So, hubby, daughter and I spent the weekend tearing down the entire fence and jungle gym (wooden fort/swing set)

Pile o'boards ...

Quite a pile o'wood there!  Now to call and get it hauled off by the city, which I'm sure is quite busy right now, hoping it won't take too long.

Another view of the mountain of old wood

The realtor we had stop by suggested the removal, it was pretty run down and the gate was barely hanging on. We were going to have it repaired, but decided to let the new homeowner have at it. 

Farewell my FO post friend!  Onward to new backdrops!

Farewell my Fence!


Anonymous said...

Poor fence. LOL I bet your yard really has a different look without the fence.

dianne said...

That looks like a lot of work! I hope the city can come soon to take it away. Is there a lot of storm debris around the city still? It's so hard to imagine it, but I'm no less thankful that family and friends have survived and are safe.

LaBean said...

Yes, thank everyone and anyone you escaped with just minimal damage. But oh the adventures of a NEW FO backdrop!

Beverly said...

I'm glad that ALL you had to say goodbye to was a fence! You can always find a new backdrop, right?