Thursday, May 05, 2011

Take me back Thursday....

When one is cleaning out the closets in one's attempt to prepare for painting and finds things that have been put in a "safe" place?  (no I didn't find my handknit Plucky cashmere cowl :(((((

You know, now that I think of it...the maker of this afghan is who taught me to crochet all those years ago...

Now I'm not gonna tell you how long don't ask ;)
I love the color combos she chose way back when. (still not telling!)

The "she" was my babysitter.  I am the oldest, but my parents had a late in life baby and I surely wasn't old enough to watch us all...
 Close up of the squares
It's had some use over the years, but for the last 15 or so (I think) it's been stored in a "safe" place.

I dunno why I'm worried about it, I'm sure it's Red Heart or some other acrylic, so you know it'll be around for a good long time :)

I don't have a lot of momentos from my childhood, the few I have are dear to me and unearthing them lately brings back some good and sad to pack them back up and move on :)


Knitting Kris said...

This is stunning! I have an acrylic blanket that my Nana knit for me, and it's one of my prized possessions!

dianne said...

Wow. That's bright and cheery isn't it? Actually, I kind of like that about it! We have an equally cheery afghan crocheted by DH's grandmother that takes plenty of turns in a closet too, but it is super warm and filled with love :-)

Discoknits said...

Z, that is absolutely beautiful. It's a funny old thing, the acrylic yarn. We all love to hate it, but it doesn't half make great blankets that we love. My boys' favourite blanket is the first one I made, with a Lion Brand acrylic that is so easy to throw in the washing machine.
Don't pack it away too safely, something that pretty should be on display somewhere, even if it's folded in a basket :0)

Kaye said...

Well however long ago it was made, the color combos are certainly back "in" today!
I think I've blogged about the afghan my grandma made me when I was Chunky's age or so out of my favorite colors back then--hot pink and navy blue (blech!). But I love it so even though it hurts my eyes! Ha ha!

Acornbud said...

Great story. It's really very pretty. Sure you don't want to just keep it out for awhile?