Sunday, April 10, 2011

Circular Needle destash

Hi! Been doing some weeding out of my extra needles. Since I am a very tight knitter, using some of these are just not working anymore. Plus, it's hard for me to use 16" circulars. Some needles have been barely used and are in great condition.

So, my loss is your gain! If you purchase more than one set of needles (some are sold singley and some are sold in a set of 2) you get $1 off per set/single. I don't mind shipping International, but may need to ask for a few extra$$ for shipping, still a steal) :) PS: dog/cat in home.

Asking payment via paypal and just email me your choice(s). I don't have blogger access during the day to mark the ones sold, but will try to email you.

Ok, damn blogger!! Each time I go in to edit, it messes up! So linking you to my flickr destash page HERE iffin you are interested. Thanks!

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Hey! I'd love the Harmony size 3 circs! Those would be perfect for a summer top I've been thinking about.