Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

ToT-Button1 10 Favorite Snacks....in no particular order ;)

1. Plain chips...ahhh- Humpty Dumpty are my favorite, but hard to get down South...I love Lay's Natural's Thick Cut with Sea Salt...yummmmm! Lately, hubby has been stealing them...

2. Apples-especially MacIntosh, when I can find them. Other favorites are Granny Smith, Pink Ladies (something like that??), red delicious..

3. crackers with cheese - can be cheddar, swiss, asiago, or just plain american...and cream cheese spreads..my downfall. As for crackers, almost any kind will do. I do like sesame & poppy seeded ones the best. But sometimes a good ole' Ritz is just fine :)

4. dried cherries and cranberries - sometimes on my salad or just eating them.

5. Heath bars...wth! I can't get enough of them lately...mostly I leave them right there at the store so they don't tempt me!!

6. grapes - my favorite are Thompson Seedless ones :)

7. Bread - so bad for me, but who can resist freshly baked bread. Not that I make it fresh anymore...

8. Nature Valley granola thins...dark chocolate, granola..yeah I feel like I'm cheating and being good all at the same time ;)

9. Red licorice - Twizzlers cherry is one I do like...Red Vines not so much..dunno they taste funny to me.

10. Pretzels - ahh..another comfort snack. Especially if my tummy is upset. My favorites are loop kind, you know not straight ones ;) A new one I like is thinly sliced. Freshly baked pretzels...um..er..must resist..it's that fresh bread thing you know ;) There you have it, some good some bad snacks...tons more I forgot, I know ;)

PS..I just figured out my html stuff..needed to update my post editor...who new...gah!


Kaye said...

Too funny, I can't stand Twizzlers for the same reason you don't like Red Vines.

My confirmation word is pickli. I'd add to my list pickles as snacks!

dianne said...

Humpty Dumpty Chips! I did not realize they were not available nationally. You need to get your son to send you some for Mother's Day :-)