Friday, April 15, 2011

YPF-Not even close version :)

I love the colors in this scarf I knit my MIL! I scored another skein in a destash too.

Then I saw the same colorway for sale and bought it...

Go ahead, click back to the scarf....I'll wait ;)

Not even close huh!!
Some very pretty colors, don't get me wrong.

But when your heart is set on another, sometimes a "not even close" version just won't do.

My loss could be your gain!  I have 4 skeins of this yarn! It's pretty soft and I loved knitting with it.

Sheep Shop 2 Bulky 100% Merino Wool
Spring Colorway
90 yds per skein

All 4 can be yours for $20 plus shipping. (will ship International too)  Just email me if you want it.  I'll need your zip/post code.


turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah that isn't even remotely close to the other. Is it labeled with the same color name and everything?

dianne said...

Dang! I hate when that happens!