Saturday, July 23, 2011

My favorite so far!

What started out as this.....
Two if by Hand SAL

Became these (one finished pre-move, one finished a few weeks ago)

Spring SAL fiber

Then became this....
Tibh Spring SAL

To this....
La Di Da and Was Only Joking....

And is now these!!!
Yummy yarn

Don't mind me...I'm in love with them...can you tell?
Oooh the colors!
Two if By Hand
Superwash Merino
La Di Da (brown/burgundy/gold) 2 oz.
Was Only Joking (Blues/reddish) 2 oz.
N-Ply 193 yds total (105 & 88 yds)
Sport/DK weight
3rd TdF finished spin
I split each braid in half lengthwise first, then split them each 4 total times (8 strips total of each colorway).  Then I spun them alternately one of LDD, then one of WOJ. 

I have to admit, I didn't want to spin it this way...was going to spin them separately and figure something out.

So....glad....I went out of my comfort zone/box and just did it.  I so love the colors!! It's also my most total yardage of n-ply :)

I spun the bobbins on my Traveller and plied them on my new Lendrum...ahh...the wheel I should have bought first. I learned on one and have always wanted one...after the last few months and my birthday...I'm a happy spinner!

Can you tell ;)


Anonymous said...

Such pretty, happy colors.

sandra said...

... love is in the air ...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is stunning!

Kaye said...

Now we just need to see it knit up!

LaBean said...

That is some beautiful yarn! I can see why you love it! Congrats on the new wheel too!

dianne said...

I can see why you love it, it's gorgeous!

Anne said...

So lovely! The colors are stunning mixed together like that.
What will the skeins become - or are they "to have and to hold" for the moment, so you can admire them a bit longer?

Jo said...

I wonu'd have expected it to spin up that way at all - but it is so pretty!

Affiknitty said...