Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little sight seeing

Living in Northern Arizona means not too far from here!

Last time I was here, I was 13 yrs old.  Don't think it changed much LOL!

This is only one section, Mather Point I think.  We got to another area, but then the rain, thunder, & lightening arrived and we had to cut the trip short.

Grand Canyon
Oh...it's the Grand Canyon, almost forgot to tell you!

The kids!
The kids...um..young people ;)

Grand Canyon
Amazing view!

Trust me, I'm not ill at all, have no idea why I'm scowling.

This was from the burrow/donkey/horse trail.  We started walking down a bit before the sky opened up on us.  I knew I didn't like heights much..well this confirmed it even more.  I surely won't be joining hubby on the burrow/donkey/horse trip in the future.  In fact quite a few pictures were blurry from that area.

It's less than 3 hrs away and we've already made plans to go back and visit a few more areas and even hike a bit....well maybe on a not so high trail ;)

College guy is only here for a few more days, than off to the Navy for a month, then back to school for his senior year...sigh..


sandra said...

Boy, your kids have the same smile!!!!!!
The sight is impressive! The mountain of Durmitor (in Montenegro) is like a drop comparing to the Canyon!

Acornbud said...

Isn't it just a big hole in the ground? lol. It really is quite a wonderful place.

Discoknits said...

I found the scale of it overwhelming. It is beautiful though, all the shapes and colours :0)

dianne said...

That is amazing! I hope some day I will see it in person too. Enjoy college boy while he's home. I can't believe he's going to be a senior this year already!

LaBean said...

Yikes! That's pretty high up! Yay for being so close to such a great place! Don't know if I'll ever get there but the pics are awesome!

Kaye said...

Believe it or not Utah is colored very similarly. Just not as deep! ;-) No thanks though on that ledge. Eeek!

Senior year? You're not old enough to have a college senior!

Karen G said...

So gorgeous. I've only seen it from an airplane - during my two recent trips to California!

Affiknitty said...

Great photos! I have yet to visit the Grand Canyon, your post makes me want to get there sooner rather than later. Your kids (young people) are cute. (They may be too old to be called cute but it's a great shot of their smiles.)

DPUTiger said...

I've never been to the Grand Canyon. One of many, many things west of the Mississippi on my "bucket list"