Friday, July 08, 2011

What's this????

Haven't seen this around these parts for a while huh?

Curtains 101

Thankfully almost every window here has shades. They are huge windows and since we're here temporarily, I am not buying any to fit. I did bring a few of my old curtains with me (not in storage) so I used them where I could.

However, the kitchen has 2 windows with that don't go up or down easily at all (takes 2 people) So, luckily I brought my sewing machine and this fabric remnant.

Close up fabric

I had originally bought it to make tote bags for sale way back when I did that. I re-found it stored in a hope chest while packing up. Glad I threw it in the blanket box to come with us.

Casulty of the move...

One casulty of the move, my lipped edge ruler.  This is an awesome ruler as it catches over the edge of your cutting board, and ensures you get a straight cut.  Sigh...I'll still use it and hopefully find another one on sale one day.  Fingers crossed it's one of the few move casulties we find.

Another thing I love about this place is the sunlight!  I wanted the blinds to stay 1/2 down so I could open them whenever. (ha who am I kidding they are stuck like that)

I luckily had enough to make 2 sets of curtains.  This is the side of the kitchen.


This is by the sink.  It is so nice to have a window by the sink.  Definately a must while house hunting.  My wishes for it are cupboard space and window by the sink.  Time will tell, more house hunting tomorrow.

I may just leave these here when I go, we'll see if they fit in with my new place.

You may see some quilting around here...someday soon ;)


Kaye said...

Ah rental there anything worse? Ha ha! Nice fix!!!
Sink windows are nice if they don't overlook into your neighbor's bedroom...yick! LOL!

Acornbud said...

Good luck house hunting!

Sharon P said...

Those are great curtains - I am going to be making sewing room curtains soon! thanks for the inspiration!

Affiknitty said...

Nice job on the curtains, and good luck with the househunting!

dianne said...

Cute fabric! You're right that a window over the sink is a must. There's nothing like a little sunlight to cheer any task :-)

freshisle said...

Very nice. Much better than the bed sheets I tacked up when we first moved!

sandra said...

So far my home is curtain-less and I hope it'll stay that way ... but my craft room desperately needs some blinds!!!!!!

Knitting Kris said...

GREAT curtains! You are a talented lady!

Dee said...

That fabric is adorable!