Tuesday, July 05, 2011

TdF Days 1 & 2 Progress....

First finished handspun!

Funky Carolina Batts
After it's fulling bath, it ended up being 235 yds of 17 wpi (fingering, but a heavy one) I have a mini skein of about 29 yds too as it all wouldn't fit on one bobbin.

Lots of different colors, should be interesting knit up.

Eff the Neutrals!
Here's how it started!
Funky Carolina Handcarded Batts
Eff the Neutrals! 4 oz.

Sunday's progress, about 1.5 oz. of organic merino from Two if By Hand.
TiBH Organic Merino

Monday's progress on the same half braid.

Pope Mittens
Not a lot of the greenish yellow on the end of it. Will be interesting plied up.

Off to rest up for the rest of the week!


sandra said...

Know NOTHING about spinning ... but those coloures.... adorable!

LaBean said...

Oh wow, I would have never figured those last two would be from the same fiber! They're looking good though! Is this your first finished handspun EVER or just for TdF??

Way to go, either way!

Acornbud said...

Making good progress!

Sourire11 said...

Oooh! The bobbin on top of the roving picture is great. Makes me want to try spinning again!

Delusional Knitter said...

Very nice spinning! I love how roving transforms into yarn, its so amazing!

Affiknitty said...

Hi - I 'm just getting caught up on blog reading after being gone. I'm glad to see you got moved and have your fiber room all set up. I don't envy the flat tire in Texas! But I do envy your spinning abilities. I love the Funky Carloina yarn you spun.