Friday, August 05, 2011

Handspun Friday!

What started out as this..
Pope Mittens

Looked like this after a little while...
TiBH Organic Merino

Then turned into this...
Pope Mittens
Yes,it's the same braid...wild colors I tell you!

Then became the last two bobbins spun on my Traveller.
Pope Mittens....

Together they became this...
Pope Mittens

Now enjoying their time together ;)

I love how the yellow and a few other colors got bits of the black color spun into it, makes it a bit more heathery.
Pope Mittens

I navajo plied it, which if you don't spin, makes a single ply into a 3 ply yarn.  It does eat up the yardage, so unless you are an awesomely thin spinner (not me yet) you don't get a lot.  I am getting better though.
Pope mittens
Two if By Hand Organic Merino
Pope Mittens (name makes me giggle!)
4 oz.
n-ply, post soak is 166yds of light worsted. Lost about 9 yds.

Organic merino was lovely to spin, these most likely will be mittens...unless I score a bit more of the colorway...then who knows what'll show up!

ETA: I scored 2 more braids so you'll be seeing it again soon!

Onward to the next spin!


Dee said...

Very pretty. So, what will it become when it is knit up?

Lynn said...

Oh that came out so pretty!!! do you think they'll become mittens for this winter???

Andi said...

Gorgeous colors!

dianne said...

I really love this one and how the colors lined up with the plying! Beautiful!

Acornbud said...

Very pretty. It's such magic to see how it all comes together.

chemgrrl said...

Ooo! Super pretty!

Carol said...

The pretty! What a pretty! I loves the pretty.