Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's up Wednesday!

Hiya! Been a wild week or so!  Daughter has started school already, and is doing ok.  A lot larger school than she's used to (Senior class is bigger than her last school)  but she's hanging in there.  We're both still looking for jobs as well.

We also found our house!!! Awaiting the final contract signing, then the rest of the closing stuff. Fingers crossed we'll be in it the end of Septemeber, early October time frame.

I've been knitting, have a couple small FO's to show you later this week.

Whiz Banging socks
Whiz Banging socks going slowly...all that spinning and shawl knitting kept them a bit on the sidelines.  Good for group knitting though. I'm about 1" from the heel turn....

I want to start a new shawl, however, trying to be good and finish my Roses are Pink Too! If I can stop tinking, I'll get more than 2 sections done in a week!
Roses are Pink Too! Shawl

Ahhhh, more garter!! Currently test knitting some mitts.
Cane Sugar
The coffee color is Cascade 220 superwash....

Cane Sugar
The "other" yarn is my handspun!  GLBLF Polwarth in Autumnal Rite from one of the first spin-a-longs. It matches pretty well. I think these mitts will be a great way to use up small yardages of handspun....stay tuned for these!


Marissa said...

The heck with work- look how much knitting you're getting done! Fingers crossed for the new house!!

dianne said...

Love the shawl! I need to go check out your project page and queue that pattern! I'm intrigued by the mittens too. I'll be looking forward to seeing those done.

Congrats on the house! You must be very excited :-)

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

Fingers crossed!


Dee said...

Hope the new house contract works out and that the time flies by until you get in. There's nothing like being settled!

Knitting Kris said...

OMG - I love the whiz bangs socks - can you spin some of that fiber for me? :)

DPUTiger said...

Ooh, everything looks very nice and I especially love the color of those socks! Good luck on getting closed on the new house. Very exciting!