Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orange you....

Glad it's Thursday? Ha...ha!

This hat was a test knit for a new friend here. 
Orange you!

It's a bit big for me, I was planning to donate it anyways :)
Orange you...
I think a more pumpkiny, orange is better for me.

Orange you glad hat
Cool decreases, I like the look of it.  I didn't correctly knit it as you knit back/forth for the garter rows and I had bigger holes. The holes were supposed to be smaller so you could put a cord through it and cinch it up.  Ooops! Quick fix was to just sew up the holes and call it good.  Will most likely go to a local charity or Hats for Sailors

Orange you...
Lilly's Hat test knit
Universal Deluxe Chunky in Carrot
US 10 circular


Sharon P said...

My Eyes my Eyes! :D I am being silly - looks like a fun knit!

Knitting Kris said...

Great hat - I like the bright orange color - will be nice for some brighter wear this fall/winter!

DPUTiger said...

Definitely carrot-ey. And it looks simple, which is always good for a hat!

sandra said...

Hat look quite OK on first pic ... but pretty odd when it's on the head!
(since it is test knitting I can say things like that, right?)