Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Autumn Sugar

Recently while reading my blogroll I saw a post asking for test knitters.  I usually am such a slow knitter I don't often volunteer, but hey, since I'm not working out of the home yet and it was a small project, I was game!

Plus, as you'll see below, a good way to use up handspun. Especially when you are not a high yardage spinner like me, or if you have lefovers, or use any yarn you want! The possibilities are endless ;)

Enter the handspun I wanted to use.
Autumnal Rite
GLBLF Autumnal Rite Polwarth from Oct/Nov 2010 SAL

I think I did pretty well matching the brown to the handspun.
Autumn mitts

When one's photographer aka model is napping, one must find other ways to document ;)
Autumn Sugar

The mitt on the left is the 2nd one I knit.  I didn't knit the wraps as in garter, I don't like to if I can help it.
Side by side
Mitt 2 also has a wonky curve to it. Dunno what happened...

Doesn't matter as when they are on, who notices...not even me ;) (gotta love a self timer!)
self hand portrait....
Cane Sugar Mitts by Larissa Brown
Master color is Cascade 220 in Walnut Heather
Contrast color is Autumnal Rite, my own handspun

Mods: made the total length of the mitt longer (she tells you in the pattern how to do so), knit the wraps on 1 mitt, not on the other.

An easy pattern I feel.  The thumb part was a bit fiddly with long dpn's but doable.  Magic loop didn't work as well for me. I am not afraid of dpn's, just prefer ML most of the time :)

Still have more leftovers, stay tuned for how I use them!


DPUTiger said...

That looks like a great project. I'll have to keep it in mind for future knitting!

sandra said...

test-knitter mania is taking you!!!!!! Happy knitting!

Dee said...

They turned out cute.

dianne said...

They look funky and chunky! I've never thought to make garter mitts. How do they feel on your hands?

Acornbud said...

Good idea for handspun! They look nice and cushy.

cheryl j said...

I like them. but if no one else said. I can see that the wonky curve is from a hort row you did in the one. But I agree no one will see while you have them on!