Monday, August 29, 2011

hiking part deux

Well this hike wore me out more than the last one, so much so I rested until today to post it LOL!
First we started at the Lynx Lake Ruins.  We parked the jeep, paid our money and hiked off a mile to get here. 
Pueblo ruins

These rocks are what's left of the pueblos that used to be there.
More pueblo ruins

We then travelled this path....
A view of the path

To go here....
Lynx Lake view from Ruins
(I took this photo standing at the Ruins site)

Lynx Lake
So pretty and peaceful!
Let me tell you, this is a very relaxing place!

More lake views
It's beautiful, quiet, and perfect to sit and knit on one of the many benches all around it.

After the new house stuff is bought and maybe for Christmas, I want a kayak so I can spend time in this quiet place.  It has a boat ramp, picnic tables, and grills so perfect for a little getaway for the day.  Best part is it is literally less than 20 mins from this house and my new house.

I truly am so happy to be surrounded by this forest. It's close by and next year I'll get a pass so I don't have to come up with cash to go when I have an inkling to do so.  It will be fun exploring it over the next few years!
Lynx Lake
Lynx Lake Restaurant and Marina is to the left up the hill a bit, you can't see it from here.  It's a German/American restaurant and on Saturdays, we can get our German food fix. Sigh...we miss our 3 German restaurants!


Kaye said...

Betcha you could knit in a kayak, or canoe!

dianne said...

What a beautiful spot! I'm so glad you're getting an opportunity to explore and have some fun :-)

Knitting Kris said...

Lovely! I love to kayak! We should live closer. I bet we'd be great friends!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh so pretty! You'd love a kayak. I want one. I was able to go on a kayak while at 4-H Camp in July and it was so relaxing.

Jo said...

What a beautiful place to hike!