Friday, August 26, 2011


Now that we live so close to many hiking trails, I figured it was about time to get outside and just do it!  Of course, since my son was home, he needed something to keep him from boredom ;)

Granite Mountain was where we hiked for 2 trips. Of course I forgot my camera on day 1, these are scenes from day 2.

Granite Mountain
It's huge and full of granite....har, har ;)

The other end of the mountain
Here's a section of it.

Granite mountain peak
The left side of the mountain.

Climbing on up....

Someone was watching us!
Someone was watching us!!

The college guy!
College guy!

Storm setting in...
The afternoon clouds/storms started coming on so we cut it a bit short.  Slowly learning what I need to bring in a backpack. It's been over 20 years since I used to hike. Feel free to give me hints on what to bring, etc. 

We're taking another hike on Friday, but it'll be near a lake, probably cooler.  Now if we remember to bring the binoculars....
More pics here!


J said...

our local mountain rescue organization recommends to bring the 10 essentials on every hike:
1. navigation: map, compass, and GPS, if you have
2. light: a torch or headlamp
3. fire: matches or a lighter, packed waterproof
4. a knife
5. protection from rain and cold weather: sweater, socks, rain jacket, rain pants
6. protection from sun: sunscreen and hat
7. first aid kit (and know how to use it)
8. extra food and extra water (bring more than you think you need, just in case)
9. a big orange plastic bag, that can be emergency shelter, and also makes it easy for rescuers to find you
10. communication: cellphone and maybe other things like two way radios, or a sat phone or spot.

I keep all my hiking gear in a big plastic tote, have the above list taped to the inside of the lid: and hiking prep becomes easy and quick, which means I go out to the hills more often.

Have fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL place to hike. Love the picture of the deer (and the dear ---- cute guy!)

Have fun down by the lake.

Cookie said...

So beautiful!

KnitPastis said...

That is one beautiful hike you went on. I have never been hiking myself but I would bring extra water, extra food, flash light, compass, walkie- talkies and something to take care of rattle snakes.

sandra said...

I really envy you for hiking! Last time I did it - I was just married!