Monday, September 12, 2011

For the 3rd year......

I participated in....


I was so happy to be the second one to get tagged (captain is the first one) as we should be closing on our new house in the next week or two (fingers crossed for us, some minor issues going on)

My package
I luff red!! I was so happy to get one in my favorite color!  It's amazing how Emily comes up with these designs. (after the race you can get your own copy of the pattern from Ravelry) I got it off to the PO the next day and it's on it's way to Colorado next.
Look at the cute stitchmarker and mini crochet hook for picking up them dropped stitches!

So far my Dishrag tag record is: 1 total last place finish and a 1st place finish :)  Who knows what place the Lucky 7's will obtain.

Go Team!


dianne said...

I got a stitch marker just like that at Sock Summit during the swap! It's darling :-)

Good luck on the closing!

April said...

Good luck on the house and finishing up that washcloth . I'll be keeping an eye out for the pattern later.