Thursday, September 22, 2011

See you soon!

Will be busy the next few days moving stuff over and next week the big truck comes from times!

Not the best picture, but the fence is no longer there. It used to be a model home (yay upgrades and fully furnished).  More to come!
Front of new house
PS. Thanks so much for your kind and cheerful comments on Belle.  Each day gets better.


Anonymous said...

Your new home is beautiful. I'm so jealous --- a 3-car garage! We sure could use that. LOL

Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes nice and smoothly.

dianne said...

What a lovely home! I can't wait to see interior pictures too! Best of luck over the next few days :-)

Discoknits said...

Beautiful home Z. Good luck with the move and enjoy the unpacking - it'll be like meeting old friends :0)

sandra said...

lovely home! Looks like those garages have "life" of their own! heehee

kathy b said...

Loved our visit to AZ this spring. Went to FOuntain Hills and A Cub game in Mesa. Knitted a great cowl while I was on vacation there.

Im trying to leave a comment on everyone who has a blog in DRT V

elspeth said...

Ooh, very swanky! I love how the 3rd garage sneaks in there!