Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Still here!!

Whew! The second move in 6 months was a killer!  It was the shortest one too!  It's been a whirlwind of activity here!  Between unpacking boxes, sorting them out once again (donations/craigslist)(also wondering why we moved them here!), looking for a job, having people measure windows and install some stuff, and test knitting(more on that later!) I'm beat ;)

The movers arrived last week and we do have some furniture damage so far. I expected something to break, it's inevitable.   We are trying to unpack and sort out so we can file a claim, but it's going slow when you have an entire 3 car garage full!  Ok, so on of those areas is just tools/power tools, etc. ;)

This one hurts a bit.  It's a cradle my FIL made for both my kids.  Not an easy fix either the way he made it.  I think the challenge to my husband will be to learn how to use all those woodworking tools he now has to fix it.  Hopefully my FIL will visit out here and they can fix it together. We don't expect a lot in regards to a claim, but they do need to know to pack/wrap stuff better.  I surely know better now myself to prevent something in the future!  Heck, I learned a lot from them.

Luckily there are 5 more chairs.  Um...did they not know this wasn't a folding chair ;)  Seriously though, our guys here were awesome and fast.  They were quite upset someone packed the crate and this happened.  The table & chairs are going to my SIL, maybe she needs a stool ;)

Minor here, again another challenge for hubby ;)
All in all it could be soooo much worse.  Fingers crossed for the rest of the stuff.

Someone who is making her way around the house, marking her territory.
Napping anywhere she can!

Scene from my kitchen table....That would be the clubhouse with the gym/pool...need to start visiting there soon!
Fire pit for hubby's enjoyment.  Note the proximity of the hose ;)

One corner of the yard
One corner of the yard. all around, wonder what to do with our mower and weed trimmers ;)

Another corner of the yard with mountains (don't know the names yet) and clouds.  So many clouds here and open spaces.  There aren't many trees here and when the wind blows, it blows...gonna be an interesting winter ;)  Good think I know how to knit!

Well off to unpack another box.....


Kaye said...

Ha ha! I feel you! The .28 mile move for us was hard! But you're right, it's great for purging. Too bad we never thought to do it before we trucked it x-country!

Acornbud said...

Whew. Lots of work going on. A 3 car garage! Cool.

Karen G said...

Ugh, sorry about the hurt furniture. :( But congrats on the new home - it looks beautiful. Here's hoping the unpacking goes well and you're all settled in before you know it!!

Dee said...

YIKES -- that poor chair!

When we had movers they only broke a couple of things, but they HID them. They ripped our brand new mattress, but put that side down. So, I didn't notice the rip until 6 months later when I flipped the mattress. Too late to do anything about it.

We haven't used movers since. We've moved ourselves, but golly...I wouldn't recommend it. It's WORK!

elspeth said...

Very nice view! I dread moving, but it looks like it was ultimately worth it for you!