Monday, December 26, 2011

Last week in Pictures!

Just wanted to stop by and post some pictures of the last week!  It's been busy between working weird hours, baking/cooking, knitting and visiting with my son.  He was pretty busy studying most of the time though :(  I have to admit, I do love our new kitchen/breakfast nook/living room set up.  We can all do our own thing and still be in the same room.

Lights in the square, Downtown Prescott
Downtown lights

Always walking faster than me!
Downtown Christmas Lights

Small, but just starting my nutcracker collection.
I try to get one a year during a sale.  This year was the red one on the left with the pincushion for a hat.  It's pretty cool as it has knitting in the bag and sewing stuff.

Our 2011 Christmas tree!
Christmas tree 2011

Christmas Eve Tourtiere Pie!

My first Creme Brulee........before....

And after......(well a quick trip to the store for a butane canister)

O....My! Much better than any I've had before....seriously!
Creme Brulee Success!

Like I said....studying for his Coast Guard boards in 2 was good for him to have a break, but he's glad to be on his way back for a little quieter study time ;)

Celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary
(note all the mugs above the cupboard! For the first time in 20+ yrs, he's happy to have a place to display them!)

Happy New Year everyone!
2011 Family Photo

Soon, you can see some knitting and spinning.....soon I promise ;)


Knitting Kris said...

Lovely pictures, Zonda! Hope you had a lovely Christmas,and wishing you'll the best for the coming new year!

Marissa said...

Merry Christmas, Z! What a fabulous family pic that last one is, and I swear, that dog has already noticeably grown!!

Kaye said...

Moochie gave off a loud "mmmm!!!!" when I went past your food pictures--I have to agree! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

dianne said...

What a great family picture!

Now I have to say that your Pork Pie actually looks better than what my mother made. Hers just had the meat in it and just a hint of some spices. Yours looks like it has some onions and such, too? Sadly, my mom's family recipe was still as nasty as I remembered it :-( How did yours taste?

Good luck to your son on his exams!

Batty said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the lights, and all your food looks amazing. We're partial to creme brulee around here, but I forgot to get a new canister for my little blow torch thingie... maybe next year.

Acornbud said...

Your home looks lovely! That creme brulee looks wonderful. Have a Happy New Year too!

Dee said...

Love the family picture.

Oh YUM ... creme brulee is my favorite dessert!!! Yours looks wonderful.

Happy New Year!

DPUTiger said...

That's a great family photo! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Yay!

Jo said...

It's 7:49am and now I want tortiere and creme brulee... this is going to be a hard day!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Happy holidays Zonda! Looks like it was a
Good one! The new pup is adorable!