Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I think that was a class at Hogwarts wasn't it? :D

I've always wanted my own herb garden....NC was too hot and muggy and I didn't really have a good spot that wouldn't get soaked with bug treatment stuff...Here in AZ, well, since the dog has the entire back yard, I don't think they'll live...Maybe I'll try a plant or two.

Luckily I've been getting some herbs in my Bountiful Baskets. I don't seem to be able to use them all up before they go bad, so I decided to try drying them.   I just tied the ends with some kitchen twine and hung in the pantry until they were dried.

Here is the parsley.  It smells so good!
Harvesting the Parsley

Here it is jam packed in a wee jar.  I plan to reuse some of my current jars when they are empty, but these I found here. I had a $5 off coupon and got a few other things and paid less than 75 cents for each :)

Here is the oregano...this smells sooo good too!
Hanging out to dry in the pantry
You can see I taped it here.  I've been trying to find one of our small hook hangers in the garage so until then I'll wing it ;)

Not too much yielded from the stems above...

But I have more almost done drying...

Next up is cilantro....yeah you can see my current hanging system.  Gotta love those honking big push pins huh!
Next up....

If anyone has any hints or ideas on what/how to dry herbs...LMK :)

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Kaye said...

I use old baby food jars to store mine! But I do the same thing you do to dry my herbs--just tie them up with cotton yarn and hang them until dry. I've got a TON of basil and oregano. Those ones will grow everywhere. Just be careful though--my oregano is like a weed and I find it growing all over the place!