Monday, March 19, 2012

White Sunday

Here in the high desert, this was the scene on and off most of the day.
On and off all day :)

Right outside my fiber studio window.
View beneath my window

This was literally less than 30 minutes from the previous photos
Backyard fun :)

It sticks, it melts, it does what it makes me happy though!
Backyard clouds
Ominous cloud bank coming at us!  Total snowfall so far is about 9-12" with more happening right now! Glad I'm off tomorrow ;)


Pat said...

75 and sunny here in MA today - wheeeee - everyone is out in shorts/bare feet and the smell of bbq is in the air!

At least you can still wear winter knits for a little while longer :)

Kaye said...

So damn jealous! You moved and your old winter seemed to migrate north this year! LOL

Dee said...

The photos are beautiful!!! It does look WINDY though. YIKES!

dianne said...

Enjoy the snow!!!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wow! Beautiful white snow. While you had snow, we had record breaking (I think record breaking) highs today at 22C. Tank tops, flip flops, shorts. Rare for Montreal in March.