Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Peaceful Day

Our knit group met on Earth Day for an afternoon of knitting, snacking, and enjoying hanging out with the Alpacas at Peaceful Prairie Ranch! (so cool I can see their ranch from my house...well almost, they are about 5 minutes away) The alpacas are 1 week away from being shorn for the year. They sure looked a bit fluffy compared to my last visit with them in October.

025 (2)
My new Ravatar is the snarky looking white one on the right LOL!

This guy looks to me like Elvis with his wild hair.

Just checking us out!

Look at all the colors of future fleece!

Ready to be shorn!
See him here (white/black coat) his hair on his head is a riot!

Viola! Found the missing picture!
He's wild looking...and my newest Ravatar ;)

What you looking at??

The backside of a pregnant alpaca. There were about 6 ready to be birthed in the near future.

Such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Sun, knitting, good friends (that bring great snacks and drinks!) and beautiful scenery!


Kaye said...

oh gah! those poor mama alpacas! all those spindly legs poking them! lol!
I really like that black one--how gorgeous is his/her fleece going to be!

dianne said...

What a fun day! It's amazing the colors they come in. I went to a farm near me with a couple friends last fall and it was fun! Of course I haven't made anything with the hank I bought yet, but it is fun to look at and pet!