Monday, April 16, 2012

Spinach Souffle

Fat Cat Knits
Ha! Not what you were expecting was it? 6 oz. of yummy Polwarth. When I purchased it, I knew right away I wanted to 3 ply it.

Bobbin progress shot.
Spinach Souffle

A few months and 2 more bobbins later....
Setting up to be 3 plied.

Now that's a full bobbin!
Quite the full bobbin!

As usual, navajo plied the leftovers
Navajo Plied the leftovers

Plied shot! (sorta like a toe pic shot ;)
3 Ply
Even after it's bath it was still quite twisty.  So I ran it through the wheel and soaked it again.  Much better after that.  Turns out I had plied it on the smallest whorl so it added extra twist.

After it's 2nd bath, it poofed up a bit and is perfect.
Spinach Souffle

Yum!  Hungry now!
Spinach Souffle
Dyed by FatCatKnits for the August 2011 SAL
6 oz. of Polwarth fiber
Approx. 187 yds of heavy worsted 3 ply

Not a heck of a lot of yardage, was 3 singles that made it...that means I'm getting better at spinning consistent singles....

Well...I thought so after this spin....stay tuned later this week. Once the package arrives I'll post what I mean :(


dianne said...

You have been a spinning fool lately! So pretty! Any idea yet what you'll make with it?

Kaye said...

very pretty! i love Fat Cat colors!

Lynn said...

Toe Pick!!!!

Great yarn as always!

turtlegirl76 said...

When you say you put it back on the wheel - did you do it to unwind some of the ply? It looks great!

Pat said...

Love the souffle! Looks like extra squishy wonderful yarn - looking forward to seeing the knitting plan...