Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Baby Knits

Are truly fun knits!! So quick too!

You may have seen these on Bezzie's blog this week too as I knit them for her wee little girl! I knit them big so hoping she'll get a lot of fall/winter use out of them.

Baby set 2
First up is the Baby Trendy Hat and Shrug Bug. Both knit in Lion Brand Thick & Quick Sky Blue. I love this wee sweater! No mods, except for knitting the icord on the hat longer and adding a pom pom.

Baby set 1
Next up is the Baby Rollin Beret, which I hear Mom loves this especially ;) The cardi is the "In Threes", both knit in Dream in Color Classy Punky Fuschia.

I'm off tomorrow to my home state to my son's 1st graduation from college!! Why "1st" you ask, well this year, he graduates with his class and is awarded his Coast Guard license (means he can pilot a certain sized ship), which is a requirement for his degree. The 2nd graduation will be next year when he has finished his 5 yr degree, then will be commissioned into the Navy....sure hope I don't miss that one!

Need to go wind some yarn and pack my projects...oh yeah and my clothes LOL! Liesl is...well...ticking me off. That 2nd sleeve is a killer for me. Pattern doesn't want to line up, and yes, I'm reading my knitting ;)


Kaye said...

I can't wait to post modeled pictures! Thanks so much!

Have fun at the first graduation! I'm sure it was just yesterday he was Baby Sister's size!

Lindsay said...

Aww! I need to start popping out the baby knits as my cousin is due any day. I love that cardigan!

Acornbud said...

How sweet. Lucky baby.