Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Well spent weekend

Well the sweater did not get done, so good thing I had some back up plans ;)  Especially since the morning of graduation, it had been raining for days and wasn't sunny.  In fact, it was really a typical Maine spring day.

Here we are just before the ceremony!  Yes, daughter was freezing ;)
just us
We had wondered what the blue ribbon and medal meant......

The 3 James's
Here are all the 3 James's in a row.  They do look a bit similar ;)

He's so cute, err I mean handsome.  I swear he was just running around with his power ranger suit a few years ago... (not really, but you know how it is ;)

Our cousin in the back, who also acts as surrogate parent as well when we can't be there.

Family photo
Here's the gang (sans me the photographer) awaiting the ceremony.

After the ceremony, our brand new Licensed Merchant Marine Officer!  Next year is the year for his degree and commission, then onward to the Navy for a few years.

Oh and the blue ribboned medal is for Magna Cum Laude, yeah, the one with the brains in the family for sure!!!

It went by too fast!!! Really only 2 days to see family and get our fill of fresh lobster and clams. I did find 2 yarn stores, not on purpose either! (one was closed, one was not ;) Also did some ocean view property looking.  Not at specific properties, more like what areas would we like to retire in...ahhhhh love the ocean!

Oh well, maybe next year we can stay longer.

Next graduation in t-17 days...yikes!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a lovely day!

Congrats to your family!

marilynknits said...

Congratulations to your son Zonda!

dianne said...

Congratulations! You deserve to be very proud parents indeed!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Congratulations! You must be so proud! Love the family pictures!

Discoknits said...

Beautiful pics Z. Congrats to your son - what an acheivement :0) It feels like only yesterday you were posting about him going off to college.

Kaye said...

Congrats Mom!!! Great pics!

And don't tell your daughter--but she looks just like you! ;-)

Jo said...


Acornbud said...

A little belated...congratulations! Great pictures of a wonderful event. How proud you mus be.