Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation part deux!

My gorgeous daughter at her High School Graduation.
Graduation night
It was so cold that night and we were unprepared to say the least. Hubby is freezing in this picture as I'm wearing his coat. The bleachers weren't comfy either!

Sadly, most of the pictures I took were so out of focus and just ick!! This is all I have until the pictures from the school arrive.  I think when she returns from Europe, we'll be taking a few more pictures!

She's a real trouper! It wasn't the most fun year for her with the move during her Senior year. Both her Dad and I had gone through the same thing, so we understood. At times it was hard to be happy with the move, knowing she wasn't. But, she now has a boyfriend and some good friends and can't wait for college in the fall (ok, I'm not too truthful on the last part LOL!)


Kaye said...

Yeah my parents moved in the middle of the school year when I was in 1st grade. That was hard. I can't being to imagine how hard it would be for a high school senior! (And another reason we want to get back to Alaska before Chunky starts HS!)
Congrats to your daughter! And you too MOm and Dad! LOL!

dianne said...

Congrats to your daughter! I hope she has wonderful trip. (I love her hair too, it's so sassy!)

Lynn said...

Congrats to your daughter!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I moved my senior year too. Must be pretty common.

Your daughter looks lovely. Her dress is beautiful too.

Where did she decide to go for college?