Monday, May 28, 2012

Potholder Swap 2012

I forgot I had drafted this post a few weeks ago....

This years wasn't as big as last years as the original hostesses needed to take a year off. A few other ladies stepped up and we had a smaller, but fun one!

I barely finished in time and was so happy to mail them off! Hope the new owners enjoy using them.

Again, I went with a circular type. The fronts have Motif 16 from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs book as the center. I wanted to use the entire motif, but it was crocheting up too flimsy for me.

So then I decided to finish the fronts and make the backs with Maggies Kitchen pattern.

I ended up using Universal's Cotton Supreme yarns and I Love This Cotton yarns.  Nice worsted weight cottons.

Caramel back

Not too bad I don't think :)

I like this pattern as you can choose the edging you want to use.
Raspberry Back

Cool sunflower!

and it's back.
Sunflower back

Blue Raspberry....
Blue Raspberry
now I want a slushie LOL!

Blue Raspberry Back

Purple...hardly ever knit with that color do I?
Purple Rounds

Purple Rounds back

Here's the pictures of the lovelies I received!
Potholder Swap 2012
Can't wait until next year :)


kingshearte said...

I think these things are very cool, but I have to ask: what on earth do you do with all the potholders? If you do this every year, doesn't that mean you get five new potholders every year? Do they wear out quickly enough that you need five new ones a year, or do you just have what must by this point be an alarmingly large potholder stash?

They are really nice, though. That bird one is super adorable.

dianne said...

You always get some really neat potholders! I really like the bird one too.