Monday, June 25, 2012

The 2 year Sweater

I should say the first of the 2 year sweaters! What can I say, it's hard to stick with a long project for me.  I'll either finish it or frog it.

Liesl progress
Started in July of 2010....

Wip to do.
More progress made 1 year later after the move....

2010 project...will it be done in 2012?
In December, had this much left to do....

Liesl 1
It is pretty soft for a cotton yarn.  It has a lot of plies, so that part isn't fun.

Liesl 3
A bit hot to wear it right now, even though it is cotton.

button close up
Button detail.  I actually made 4 buttonholes, but only decided to use 2 right now.

Liesl 2
Fits good on the shoulders too.  Not sure the open front is the most flattering, but oh well.

Liesl 4
Liesl by Ysolda
Araucania Pomaire-multy, 3 skeins
US 10 & 10.5 needles

No known mods.  However, lining up the pattern on the sleeves is challenging to say the least. Most people I researched had trouble with the left sleeve.  Of course, I didn't, it was the right sleeve that about did me in!  Many restarts later I decided just to read the knitting and not the pattern and viola it was done.

Not in time for my son's graduation, but done nonetheless.

Of course I just frogged one sweater wip, and started a new one....but stay tuned, I plan on finishing another 2 yr sweater next month :D


Emily said...

Looks lovely - and perfect for summer over air conditioned restaurants. Tell you Hubbie to take you out to eat to celebrate its completion ;)

dianne said...

Very nice! It's great to finish a WIP! It's like getting validation to start 2 new projects :-)

Marissa said...

You must feel great, finishing that after 2 years! Looks good. In fact, you look wonderful! These are great pictures of you, kid!

Knitting Kris said...

I love this sweater, Zonda! It's such a fabulous color for you, and the style looks great too!

Acornbud said...

It looks great on you. Well worth the effort!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Looks great!