Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take Me Back Thursday

Some blasts from the past!

After climbing the Abol Trail at Mount Katahdin.
Abol trail at top of Katahdin
Whew, what a day that was!  I forgot sunscreen and the backs of my legs were so sunburned I couldn't go to work/school for a few days.  I don't look too thrilled do I? It was an accomplishment I never want to repeat LOL!

In my running days....
440 relay for Nokomis
On the High School 440 relay team, I think this was the State, we didn't win :(

College graduation circa. 1983..
college graduation
No, I did not knit that sweater ;)

1.5 years later and I was in Xray school.
nurses hat
Thankfully, we only had to wear the nurse caps at ceremonies!

Gosh...I was so young....

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Kaye said...

As old pictures go--those aren't very embarrassing! i.e. no god awful hairdos or outfits! LOL!