Friday, June 29, 2012

1 day away.....

From the start of the Tour de Fleece 2012!

I'm actively on 3 teams this year, but hope to be spinning from 2 other dyer's as well.

This years goals....

TiBH TdF 2012
From Two If By Hand: L-R: Pope Mittens on Finn, Public Market on SW BFL, and Flowers & Football Tops on Organic Merino...

Nest Fiber Studio's Gaga Air on Falkland...will become sock yarn...I love to spin Falkland and it'll be navajo plied as well!
Gaga Air
awesome colors!!

Southern Cross Fibre's Dark Cheddar
Which also will become sock yarn...."Cheeto's sock yarn"

Cupcake Fiber Company's Orange Chocolate in BFL/nylon
I've been wanting to spin these cupcakes for a while...more nervous I won't do them justice, but I'm gonna dive in.  I'll need 6 bobbins for these...may do 3, then ply, then so on...

For a Sip (spin in progress) spin, this will also become sock yarn.
Moxie Bobbins
Fatcatknit's Moxie in Merino/Bamboo.  I started bobbin 3 as a warm up on Thursday. Most likely will become my first ply of the tour (need empty bobbins at all times ;)

Girl on fire
Then...cause I'll be a "Girl on Fire" maybe these too!! Haha that's the real colorway name ;)

They all fit into this basket....Wonder what I'll really get done!
That's 1/2 the fun truly....I have a goal, but don't beat myself up about it, just try to spin everyday ;)

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Acornbud said...

Wow! So many projects. Looking forward to seeing your projects!