Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's up Wednesday!

First of all, newest pictures of my recent graduates ;)

the graduates

frogged taiyo sweater
A totally frogged sweater!! Going to reknit it into this one!

Some spinning going on! Prepping for the Tour de Fleece that starts June 30th! This fiber is merino/bamboo and a dream to spin!
Moxie Bobbins
Fatcatknits Moxie Colorway fyi ;)

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a jumbo DD flyer with extra bobbins for an Ashford Traveller, I'm selling the entire package for $120 plus shipping.
Jumbo flyer and bobbins
The flyer and bobbin to the left are lacquered, the 3 bobbins to the right are not. Also seen is the bushing that goes on the maiden that has a removable piece so you can use both regular and jumbo flyers.  About 3 yrs old and barely used.  Email me if you are interested :)

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