Sunday, October 07, 2012

She's Hat it Again ;)

Haha!! Well, stay tuned, you'll be seeing a lot of hats. Have quite a few to get done between now and December. All for various gifts, charities, sales, etc.

These two were knit for a friend of a friend going through treatment for breast cancer. I have a soft spot for anyone about to go through chemo and/or radiation and since the winter is coming, I thought something nice and soft would be perfect.
Autumn leaves
This is called Blue Leaves

AL 2
Me modeling ;)

Next up is Amanda Blue (real original names huh!)

Left is The Amanda Hat
Frog Tree Alpaca Chunky in Blue
US 9 circular
Used 1 complete skein and about 3 yards of another to knit the last three rows and bind off. No mods. The alpaca is soooo soft!

Right is November Leaves
Cascade 220 Superwash  in Summer Sky Heather
US 7 circular
No mods and used about 200 or so yards.  Have a ball about the size of a plum left.   Again, this is very soft for Cascade 220.

They were a surprise and well received :)


Anonymous said...

Cute. I love the color on the darker hat.

dianne said...

It is hat season now and getting cold enough in the mornings to need one for a short bit. It was 38 degrees here in NH when I got up at 6 this morning! I've always loved the Amanda hat! The alpaca will be super soft too.

Kaye said...

Very nice! Is it wrong that I'm excited for the cold?
Speaking of hats and knitted gifts...I don't know if you saw the picture I tagged you in of Bby Sister modeling her Z Knits baby sweater and the little beret (which Moochie calls her "artist hat" Ha ha!)

Acornbud said...

Love knitting hats!