Friday, November 30, 2012

Smittens, Smittens everywhere!

Well over the last 6 weeks or size 4 dpn's have been getting a workout! I'm in a handspun swap for most of these, three I am keeping for myself. :)

I'll mail off  each one in a Christmas card and get one from another partner back.  Will be interesting to see what I get :)

This is a special one...knit from my first ever hand-dyed handspun.
BFL Mitten
Little did I know while spinning this on my friend's Lendrum I would one day own one. Don't worry, I have plenty left to knit one up for me :)

The mitten on the left was some leftover handspun spun by a local friend.  I knit it using fingering doubled. 
Handspun mitts
Sorta special too, I sorta taught her to spin on my Traveller (she was a spindle spinner already and truly didn't need my help LOL!) The one on the right has the cuff from my handspun and her leftovers for the hand part. Again, her yarn was knit doubled. This woman can spin fine or what ;) Maybe I need lessons from her!

Next up...
FCK Mittens
Fat Cat Knits in Moxie and Spinach Souffle.

GLBLF Mittens
GLBLF in Autumnal Rite

Nest Mittens
Nest Fiber Studio in ?? and Gaga Air leftovers.  I'm awaiting someone to let me know as these were Nestlets (roving leftovers).

TIBH Mittens
Two If By Hand - Pennywhistle on the outsides and Rural Juror inside

TiBH Mitten
Another TIBH in Tender which I'm keeping as Kits too big. Seems my n-ply is a bit too thick for keeping it small.

Smittens drying...

Mittens on a Plate
Smittens on a plate...

Smittens for PlLucky
Plucky Knitter smittens that are gracing Plucky Headquarters with like 90 others!

Smitten Guard dog!
Smitten Guard

Ok, stay tuned for chunky knitting!


marilynknits said...

Lovely smittens Zonda! That sounds like a fun swap. :)

dianne said...

Those are so cute! What do you plan to do with the ones you get? Hang them on your tree? Make a garland?

Discoknits said...

So colourful. Are they for decorating, or wearing - they look small - maybe dogfoot sized ;0)

Lynn said...

Ok these are just too cute for words!!!! LOL

Kaye said...

I love these! And if you ever have to take in cold-handed gnomes, you'll be set to go!

Acornbud said...

Wow! You've been busy! They are all so cute. How can you not keep all of them, lol.