Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey....a new way

Hubby loves his grill!  It's a natural gas one.  Right now it's attached to a hose in the side of our house (on the patio) and part of the gas network of the house.  When we move again, he'll just need to get a tank from the nearest natural gas place.
About a month ago, we experimented with a chicken (Trader Joe's brined one) and it was delicious!!! So he thought he would try it with a turkey.

As you can see, it was perfect!  We will be cooking another one when family comes at Christmas, so we'll have to  make sure we put some foil on the wingtips.
This was a brined turkey and so delicious!  Luckily, just right for the 3 of us. Made some turkey chili tonite, turkey casserole for tomorrow night, and just a wee bit left for sandwiches.

No Black Friday shopping for me, ha! I was working it again. This time from 5 am on.  It wasn't too bad, started to get busy when I was leaving.  Thank goodness I work for a craft one waiting in lines outside in 30 degree weather for stuff ;)

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Knitting Kris said...

Looks yummy! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!