Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puppy Dog Tails

Ever since I first saw this fiber spun up, I wanted it. It was a club colorway from Southern Cross Fibre, a few months before I got into the club (my one and only one...hey, I waited a looong time for this club ;)

SCF Puppydog Tails
Puppy Dog Tails Superwash Merino from Southern Cross Fibre,
4 oz., 264 yds of sportweight

I got lucky on a destash and it turned out to be perfect for my Snobby Holiday Swap partner.

It's a lovely, soft superwash merino. I tried to divide I had a few issues, so I just went with the flow and spun it up.

I didn't get a skeined shot as it was a few days before Christmas, I had a houseful of people and had to start immediately to finish for the deadline....
Puppy Dog Tails
My goal was sock more of a sportweight and sadly not enough for the size needed for my swap partner....What you see here is only 1 of 2 yarn cakes.

So I went with plan B....

Here are the n-ply leftovers...they turned out to be plan C....
PDT nply

B is for Lacey Baktus
Turned out pretty well I think!  I knit the smaller yarn cake (by a few grams) first, then tied on the 2nd yarn cake and started the decreases. Used a US 7 needle with no mods.

LB on the bush
Baktus on a Bush!  It's a really easy pattern and works great for handspun too.

Oh...the plan turned out to be an Owl Puff
wee baby owl
Size US 7 needles, no mods.  Most of these are knit up with 2 or more colors. I thought some stripey yarn worked even better.  My swap partner likes owls.

Me and my Daddy!
Are you my Daddy??


Dee said...

Well, that certainly turned out well. Beautiful shawl and adorable owl.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

All of it is gorgeous!! But I just love the wee owl :) TOo cute!

dianne said...

I can see why you lusted after that bat! Wow is that pretty!

Discoknits said...

Well you certainly had a hoot with that project (couldn't resist).
In the first photo, the brown really does look doggy.

Jo said...

Love the owl! I've made quite a few of those :) I'm always amazed what yarn turns out like when it is spun.