Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well....Happy New Year!!

I can't believe it's actually been a month since my last post! Time has been flying....

-Had a house full of relatives for Christmas, was good to see them. I still had to work job 1, you know prime season. :( Here's the only gift knit I finished!

Debs hat cowl set
Pretty Darn Cozy Cowl and Man hat for my SIL. Knit in acrylic as she's allergic to wool.

-Was sick for 3 days, the first time in many years, still had to work job 1 :(  (always had sick leave in the past)

-Got 2 awesome Christmas packages from good friends! (sorry no pics) I was feeling quite down this year as lack of funds for any gifts for anyone. :(  I am so lucky to have caring friends that don't mind theirs being late, you guys rock and you know who you are ;)

-DD finally found a job!!! Happy dance! She also started her 2nd semester of college this week, so she's learning the school/work/social life balancing act.

-Done some sekrit spinning and knitting. As soon as my swap partner gets her package today, I'll post them!

-Speaking of swaps, I got my Snobby Swap package a bit ago!

Snobby Swap package
Just awesome! I so needed a good shawl pin and I can never make my mind up when I see them so I don't buy them LOL...

modeled shot
Here's my rockin' hat!! It's so soft and light, but very warm! It's been in the 10 degrees and lower in my early morning shifts!

Hoping to share some other "news" with you soon....must be patient!

No resolution making this year other than destashing more and knitting/spinning more! Promise I won't stay away so long!


dianne said...

That is an awesome swap package! Can't wait to see how that fiber spins up!

Happy New Year! I wish you all wonderful things this year :-)

Discoknits said...

Wow, that is some package! I must look for jelly belly smelly pencils - for the boys, you understand ;0)
Happy New Year Z, hope it's a happy one for you xoxo

Acornbud said...

Nice swap package! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) new year! Love the snappy red hat!