Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's going on Wednesday!

It's only almost 10 pm and I am chilling out after another 12 hour shift....yeah...don't like them too much, but I do enjoy the fact I had the last 5 days off and only had to use leave for one ;)  You see in a 14 day pay period, I only work 7 days.  It sorta works out, however going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is not fun.

Anyways....onto what's going on ;)

This place is almost in 2 days we sign for it.  Sadly due to the weather, it rains tons here, they cannot grade the land for sod or the fence.  Looks like the dog will have to enjoy daycare for another week or two.

I have a few FO's and will share one with you tonite, I gotta get to bed and more packing tomorrow. Interesting just how much we fit in this 2 bedroom apartment over the last 2 months!

I knit this for my daughter and although I attempted to make the floats loose, it's still a little tight. Hope she likes it :)

Tardis Beanie by Morgan Kenia Andrews
Cascade Yarns Pacific in Gray and Blue
Loops n Threads acrylic in white
Size 8 circular

An easy knit, just need to work on my stranding looser floats.

Stay tuned for more knits, and a peek at the house ;)


dianne said...

Your new home looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing some interior shots too!

Acornbud said...

Lots going on! I love the tardis hat. I'm with on the sun waking up in the am. It should not be dark!