Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snobby Spinners Swap

Hi again!

I entered the Snobby Spinner swap again this year. It was tough as I moved in the middle of it. My goal had been to finish the spinning part before the move....well, best laid plans huh! My 12 hr shifts do not allow for much of anything after work, I'm too beat :(

Anyways, onto the fiber before spinning.

Southern Cross Fibre Club BFL in Marine Predator Colorway

Two lonely bobbins waiting to be plied!

Full Bobbin pose!

Approximately 224 yards of 2 ply sport weight yarn.

Close up of the pattern...

Tip Shot!

Quaker Yarn Stretcher by Susan Ashcroft
US 8 Needles

No mods, you basically knit until it's as big as you want or you run out of was close, I had about a quarter ball leftover.  What I thought was cool was I lucked out as one of 1,000 people who got the pattern free. My swap partner liked it a lot. Next time I'll show you my loot!

Have a good week!!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Here's to 2014

Hello again!  Here's hoping for more blogging and knitting, spinning, and quilting in 2014!

When I last left you in December we were hoping to close on the 20th....well we moved in that weekend and did not close until January 3rd....sigh...long story on that. However, the house is now ours. So you can guess where most of January went on my days off...yeah, unpacking. This is our 4th move in 2 years....hoping we are here for at least 3 years, but who knows!

I have been knitting and spinning when I can to save my sanity. Still working 12 hour shifts and attempting to get the house in order.  The last room of course is my fiber studio, which is still not completely done, slowly getting there.

We are also trying to downsize even more...we'll see how that goes! the spinning department I spun up these skeins:

Two if By Hand Superwash Merino,a 3-ply in Firework and some 3-ply and n-ply leftovers. Socks soon I is sportweight about 300 yds, my default yardage it seems.

From this:

Two if By Hand Organic Merino in Flowers and Football Tops, a chunky n-ply spin of about 180 yds or so. Will be a nice squooshy hat or something. Their organic merino is so nice to spin!

Such cool colors huh, reminds you of Footballs and Flowers ;)

Knit a few hats:

Gargantuan Melon in Plucky Knitter Bulky Big Sky and Wintry Mix for a former coworker. This was knit in leftovers from my Zags cowl. I still have more left! Love Plucky Bulky. Working on another project with it too :)

My first Hats for Sailors hat of 2014, a Barley had knit in Pagewood Farms Kiana, a superwash wool in Marine Girl...going to a Navy

This is a scarf knit back and what I dislike usually. However knit in Rasta on size 17 needles, this Super-Fast Ultra-Cozy scarf goes pretty quick. That's 2 full skeins of Rasta (about 180 yds of super bulky yarn) It also went to another former coworker.

I have one more FO that deserves it's own post so that is coming later :)  Maybe some house photos too!  I'll try not to stay away so long!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's going on Wednesday!

It's only almost 10 pm and I am chilling out after another 12 hour shift....yeah...don't like them too much, but I do enjoy the fact I had the last 5 days off and only had to use leave for one ;)  You see in a 14 day pay period, I only work 7 days.  It sorta works out, however going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is not fun.

Anyways....onto what's going on ;)

This place is almost in 2 days we sign for it.  Sadly due to the weather, it rains tons here, they cannot grade the land for sod or the fence.  Looks like the dog will have to enjoy daycare for another week or two.

I have a few FO's and will share one with you tonite, I gotta get to bed and more packing tomorrow. Interesting just how much we fit in this 2 bedroom apartment over the last 2 months!

I knit this for my daughter and although I attempted to make the floats loose, it's still a little tight. Hope she likes it :)

Tardis Beanie by Morgan Kenia Andrews
Cascade Yarns Pacific in Gray and Blue
Loops n Threads acrylic in white
Size 8 circular

An easy knit, just need to work on my stranding looser floats.

Stay tuned for more knits, and a peek at the house ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Skies of November

An FO post finally!

Silver Gin Fizz
Here is the lovely cowl, pre blocking....

Post Blocking
Post blocking by steam. Yes you can see where I changed colors here, but on it doesn't show.  I surely did not want to alternate skeins....a sweater yes, a cowl no!

On a fence
Posing on a fence near our apartment. These black fences are all around here in horse country. I personally love them. Not good to keep a dog in, but love the look...

Close up
Close up of the stitch detail, looks so hard, but so easy to do.

I did all the pattern repeats and it is wide, but I like it fine.
Cowl and dog
Can you see my pal there, he was not impressed by the photo shoot.

Love it!
Worn single looped, it is long....

Worn doubled so much better!
Doubled up
Silver Gin Fizz by Thea Coleman aka Baby Cocktails
The Plucky Knitter Traveler Aran in Skies of November, 2 skeins
US 9 circular
No mods as I was test knitting this. Love it! Soft and comfy and next up or should I say very soon, a hat in the same yarn!

Monday, October 07, 2013

And another....

Month has passed! Well I did have a good excuse, packing up and moving across country right?

I survived driving at breakneck speed across a few states to get to our final destination. Hubby is not a relaxed traveller at all!! I had to follow the small moving van/truck combo driving the Jeep. Thank goodness for Siruis music!

A view from the back of our apartment complex and home until mid December.
Interesting living in 2 bedrooms with a cat and a large dog ;)

Knitting has been going on the last two months...not many FO's due to limited time with the move. Some nights only a row or two.
Lowbrow 2
Lowbrow Hat by Thao Nguyen
Plucky Knitter Primo Aran in In the Navy
US 7 needle

No mods, plan to knit the cowl too. You see someone near and dear to me is in the Navy, so I am thinking this hat and soon to be cowl will "hug" me and make me miss him less ;)

7up Lollipop
7up Hat by Thea Coleman
Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted in Lollipop Guild (stay tuned for more of this awesome colorway!)
US 6 & 7 needles

Luckily, our AZ house is now under contract and hope to have it closed soon.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Really....over a month!!

Hello there anyone who still reads my little space in the world! Sorry for dropping off like that but it's been crazy around here! More on that later ;)

In the meantime, there has been knitting! Not as much as I want...but more on that later too ;)

I knit up these 2 hats to go with some socks I had already finished a while ago.  I donated them for a couple of baby shower gifts.
Blue Rib Baby Set
Simplicity Newborn hat (ribbed version) to match the Baby Francis socks in Socks that Rock Mediumweight In the Navy. Used doubled for the hat.

I had these wee Magic 28 socks and knit the stockinette version of the hat linked above.
Baby Lipstick Set
Leftovers from this sweater ;)

Fez 2
Knit a Fez!  Our unofficial Prescott Knitters headgear!

Finished a long time WiP!
close up

And knit a few more Hats for Sailors
Chocolate Vera

Bulky hat
Chocolate Beanie

Are you tired yet?  I sure am!  Main reason why is declutterizing the house and doing some touch up painting, baseboard cleaning...Oh and packing up all the stashes...fabric, yarn, and fiber.

Why???? Well in less than a month, we'll be back on the East coast again...well if you call Kentucky east coast ;) Hubby got a promotion and I'm on the job search again.  Finger crossed the house sells quickly and I can unpack the stashes and be around my lovelies again!! So hard to decide what to bring to knit, spin, and finish for about 2 months....gonna be interesting!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vinegar Zags.....

LOL! That's not really it's name....more like it's smell! Sigh....

Zags again
You see that's a pretty dark blue and I was leery it would bleed onto the white.....So I put a wee too much vinegar in the soak...

Close up here!  Cool pattern, after the first few rows, no instructions needed.

Now if I could figure out how to wear the darn thing!!! I confess, I have 2 other eternity scarves on the needles for a long while, this is the first one I finished.
Sure is a pretty blue and gray/white though ;)

Zags by Melissa LeBarre
Plucky Knitter Bulky in Big Sky 1.2 skeins and Wintery Mix
US 10.5 circular

Now to use the leftovers for a hat and let this thing air out ;)