Friday, December 01, 2006

Socks and Norovember!

Yippee! Finally, Yay baybee!! I did it!! First toe ups and first short row heel!

See this Right sock here! It's dedicated to Cristi! Sniff...folks she knit part of that toe (shh don't tell her after I left her the reknit a coupla more times!) Way back in September, when I visited her, she showed me IRL the magic toe cast on forward to November (almost 2 mos to the day!) and she is showing me IRL short row heels. She was verrrry patient with me as I can get easily frustrated and after a few frantic emails about the leg can see it in all it's glory! Have I told you today THANK YOU! Cristi!! She very patiently answered all my last minute emails and million and one questions!

Anastasia Socks

Now onto the Left sock! You see the pattern is different on each side and this is the part where I wanted to stab myself...was the beginning of the foot pattern. Trust me, this is a super pattern!! It was definately user error big time. I can't count sometimes! I frogged 3 times and really tried to tink back to a mistake, but it was usually with the YO's and got messed up/dropped stitches, etc.

I didn't give it up! (You see, I won't let myself cast on any other socks until these are done and I am itching to do some really quick and dirty worsted weight socks) So after reviewing the short row heel again, this time I really understand it...can you say duh!! I like it so far, we'll see how they wear. I really enjoyed doing toe ups...when I "got it"! ;)
Close up of the short row heel! Which the book Knitter's Companion helped to "show me" the knitting. (thanks! Cpurl who sent it to me for my birthday!) I did the sewn cast off (also from the above book!) This book is definately a must for a knitter!

Anastasia Socks

Anastasia Socks

Anastasia Socks

Interesting pooling going on! I love it! The left sock is a bit baggy right now. Hoping a good blocking will cure that..if not we'll see!

Anastasia Socks

All Things Heather Sportweight in Golden Pear
Cast on Sept 06
Finished Nov 06

Count for SAM#2 and My First Toe Ups KAL's! Yay!....stumbles off to find them size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn....

Anastasia Socks!

All that is left!! Yikes that was close!

Now onto my Norovember project! It's the only one I got done and was also known as the SSKP (Super Secret Knitting Project) For the Knitted Purse Swap ! I can post now as I know the package was delivered.

Knitted Purse Swap

Noro Kureyon 116 and Cascade 220 in Black
Pattern is
Viva Las Felted Bag

Knitted Purse Swap

I hate this picture as it looks like the flap isn't centered, but it is!

Close up of Noro/Cascade comboClose up of the felted fabric

All that is left of 5 skeins! November must have been my cut it really close with yarn month!

Noro Kureyon 116

Click on the Pics if you want to view larger!

YPF by Friday afternoon! Hang on! :)


KnitPastis said...

Hey, your first toe up socks! Yeah, they are bag on the one leg. Maybr it's easy to fix by blocking it. Something to be very proud of. Very pretty colors too. Love the snap closure on this purse. I would maybe like to do one with a zipper closure. Especially with all this wool sitting around.

sandra said...

Love that bag! Love socks! The first pair I've ever made was toe-up, short row ones! Great!

Knit Mongrel said...

Those socks are absolutely stunning... and you're right - the pooling is really cool. I've been toying with the idea of attempting a short-row heel, and you've majorly inspired me. Thanks!!

Brittany said...

The socks look great. That pattern's on my must knit list too.

Bezzie said...

Wow, I'm impressed with how little you had leftover from both projects!

Love the colors on that sock and totally dig your bag!

Karen said...

Hurray for your first Toe-Ups . . . . they came out great!!!! Once you make it through that first pair, it gets so much easier. You did a wonderful job!!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay!!!! The socks turned out fabulous! And hey, any project that helps you really "get" a technique is worth it in the long run. No matter how many times you have to frog, tink or read a pattern over and over. Or e-mail a friend with frantic questions. ;)

Awesome job! And the purse looks fabulous too!

Kelly said...

Great job on the socks! The purse it is cute too!

lobstah said...

The socks are very cool, and I LOVE that bag! It's so classy and nice-looking. I really need to get a washing machine so I can actually felt stuff (w/o having to go to the laundromat).

mf said...

AWESOME!! YOU did a great joB! The bag looks neat!

Jennifer said...

What a fantastic bag! And lovely socks!

sgeddes said...

I love the socks! The pooling looks great.

Great bag too! I'm going to have to add that pattern to the list. I'm sure your swap pal loved it!

cathy said...

The socks look great. I love how the colors look. Cute bag.

cpurl17 said...

I love your socks--I like the pooling effect--very cool.

That bag is rockin'

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Wow, I think I am in love with both--the sock pattern is so cool--how it goes in different direction, awesome!

Your bag is awesome!

aija said...

Cutting it close feels like winning the lottery! :) Great jobs!

Mintyfresh said...

Love the socks!!

Phyllis said...

Lovely socks. Just got my book from Queen Kahauna so I'll be joining the ranks soon. Can't wait for the next pair.

Lynn said...

Wow you werent kidding abt cutting it close on the yarn!! Glad it all worked out for you! Great looking socks and great felted bag as well!

Rain said...

The bag is gorgeous, your really did cut it fine with the yarn. The socks look great too.

Bad Amy said...

I love your colorway... and worsted socks?! My LYS says it isn't possible, HA! I need a pair. They're lovely.