Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Red One off the Needles!

Yeah! They were supposed to count for my April socks for SAM 5 but sewing (still catching up, thanks for your patience for those who are waiting) and my tilted duster kept me from finishing...yes, they are footies too, darn wished I could knit and sew in my sleep ;)

All pics small as darn it all, red is so hard to take a decent photo, even outside in the wild!
blindingly bright (yeah, I know the right one looks a bit wide, DD tried them on, hey when did her feet get wider and bigger than mine!!)

Cascade fixation, red
US 3's for foot, US 2's for ribbing (used 40" circ for ML)
My own pattern. (more on that below)

April socks in May Here they are enjoying the freshly mowed grass. I was going to mow as hubby's been busy writing papers, but he did, and I used my weed popper and could only do 1 side of the yard...gosh..we needed to use weed/feed this year..

Red socks in the sky Looky, footies in the jungle!

In the wild side posePerfect size..well, I would have enjoyed the ribbing to be a bit longer but you wanna know why they aren't

all that was leftBecause this was all that was left! 1 skein of Cascade fixation! I didn't have any colors other than white that would even come close to matching, so I compromised.

As I mentioned above about the pattern. You see the pairs I've made in the past, they just aren't the most comfortable, I mean they work and I wear them but the toes just don't seem wide enough. So I fixed that problem. I knit them toe up this time!

My generic footie pattern:

I used Judy's Magic Cast on, as I always do for toe ups! Hey, when you find something that works, don't fix it..or something like that. ;)

CO 12 stitches (I like wider toes)
Increase to 48 sts
Knit until 2-2 1/2" from heel, ankle bone (lateral malleolus) or 7" for me or whatever works or you.
I did a short row heel and left 8 unwrapped stitches so that means I wrapped 16
Knit 10 rounds, start ribbing and knit as tall as you like or have yarn for. Bind off the way you want. I used my favorite bind off for toe-ups, sewn one.

It's really weird that I always have a ton leftover when knitting them cuff down! No wonder why the others aren't as comfy! Either that or I got yarn shortaged! :(

A tale: yeah I originally knit 15 rows after the first heel, then did the ribbing for about 1/2" and even bound off. Started to knit footie 2 sad story here. Not enough yarn so I unboundoff footie 1 and ripped back to row 10 after the SRH, then started the teeny ribbing. (note to self: next time, don't bind off (took forever!) can cut yarn to start 2nd one, just leave 1st one on stitch holders! duh!

I'll try them again as I've got a teeny stash of fixation and espirit, they are perfect for down here and work.


Jennifer said...

Very cute! Footies are perfect for hotter months.

turtlegirl76 said...

It's too bad that it's not easier to get to the inside of a skein of fixation so you could do the inside/outside thing and not worry and just do 2 at once. Odd that you had less left over. They look comfy though!

Beverly said...

I have a very similar pair of footies made from white fixation. I was a wuss and started a new skein with the second sock. I probably wouldn't have been able to make 2 with one skein. Yours look very comfy. I think I may want to make another pair.

gilraen said...

Well done on getting them done with so little yarn!! I would have been panicking!! :)

thegabbyknitter said...

Those are adorable! Glad you had a enough yarn.

Batty said...

Those are so cute! I just may make some for myself out of leftover yarn. They're perfect for summer.

Bezzie said...

Very cute! "Kicky" socks if I do say so.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

How cute are those socks! Perfect for your weather too!

weezalana said...

What cute footies! Nice way to work that one skein of Fixation!

tiennie said...

Red is hard to photograph. Cute cute footies!