Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Well it's Wednesday....

Some progress made on my sweater I showed you last week, but not enough to photo it. Almost at the sleeve separation and almost done the 2nd out of 5 total skeins. The rows are getting longer!!

I did cast on a new sock for the month though...For the Ravelry Socks that Rawk Quarterly KAL and of course SAM 9.
Everyone Outta the Pool Socks
Everyone Outta the Pool by Artsygal. When I read the title of the socks, I wondered what they had to do with a pool. Um...duh! It means stopping the pooling of varigated yarns! Socks that Rock multicolors are often very pooling depending on the pattern and your needle/gauge. I like this pattern, so far just a few minor tinking due to not paying not counting right...sigh. ETA: Colorway is Waterlilies

The biggest WIP around these parts this week is...
House replumbing
holes in the wall! 2 out of 3 of them.
More plumbing repair
(hmmm I seem to like blue walls huh?)

Our house is 20 yrs old. When built, the contractors used a cheaper piping that was the "thing" at the time. Yeah...wonder why there was a lawsuit for it. (FYI PCB-aka Quest piping) Of course we had no problems when the time to claim was open. Now 3 pipe bursts, and a new water heater later (over the last couple of years) this years tax return is used for the entire replumbing of the house. Hubby says it went well, but these holes needed to happen to ensure all old piping was replaced. So...guess who gets to spend Friday at home while the drywall guy fixes these...well at least I wasn't stuck at home on Tuesday, with no working water or bathroom ;)

Sure hoping this is the last major house repair for a while, over the last 5 yrs we've gotten new windows/doors, new floors in half the house, new heat pump, and water plumbing.
Guess what we get to do this weekend? Make a new gate for the fence and prepare for the great clean out of the garage, happening in 2 weeks...on a better note though, College guy comes home the end of this month for a bit, until his summer co-op starts...I have no idea why we can't wait to clean the garage out when he comes home though...hmmm...
Gah! ETA: the great fireplace debacle!!! How could I forget that!
Oh and 90 degree weather in early April...bites!! Send me some rain too please...too much pollen!


Lindsay said...

The sock is beautiful! What colorway is that? Your pipe issues strikes fear into my heart. We need to have so much work done around this place including refurbishing almost all the plumbing and electrical wiring. Ughh. Best of luck getting everything done!

turtlegirl76 said...

Didn't you also have to put in new chimney or something? Good God you practically have a new house!

The sock is looking great! You should post that pic in the KaL thread!

Lulah said...

I didn't get the name of the yarn either! ;)
I hate home repairs, we need to start doing windows...yuck!

Marissa said...

We're looking at windows as well, ugh. At least it's behind you. Sock looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Everything you said --- well, except for the garage cleaning. We actually did that LAST weekend.

I'm waiting on a contractor to tell me WHY the window in DS's bathroom is wet ---- new damage? Old damage? Rip it out???? Decisions, decisions.

Pollen --- yep --plenty of it. Making the eyes itchy and weepy.

Socks -- yep ---

No sweater though. Have a great Wednesday! I'm about to fight the pollen and go for a walk.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The joys of being a homeowner eh? We've just recently discovered stuff in our attic. Fun.

And the contractor was supposed to start today. It's noon now and no show yet.

Bezzie said...

Ohhhh...color pooling! I always thought the yarn should have been turd colored!

I feel your pain--I was ONE month short being able to join a class action against General Motors for nefarious manufacturing of cars.

But hey on the plus side, at least your wall holes don't have grass and twigs and squirrels popping out of them right? ;-)

DPUTiger said...

We're about to do some major spot-repointing and re-setting the front walk. It's gonna be expensive, but could be SO MUCH worse. And thankfully, we hired the World's Best Contractor last year, and all of his subs are worth their weight in gold. Yeah, we're lucky we have a basically sound house. But there's always stuff that needs to be done no matter what.

Good luck! And I'm off to go check out the KAL