Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cinnamon, Crimson, and Wine

What started out as this...
Fiber Optic Pencil Roving
a wheel welcoming gift from a friend...

Fiber Optic Pencil Roving
"This OOAK colorway has cinnamon, crimson, and wine with flashes of spiced pumpkin and gold" as described by the Etsy listing.

Went to this...

Singles spinning
I almost fit the whole 3.8 oz. onto one bobbin.

Whew, they were highly energized singles. I whipped them into shape a bit when I fulled them...
C, C & W

But as you can see, still a bit of energy still there.
C, C & W

It's ok, I love the colors...all of them.
Cinnamon, Crimson & Wine

Sorry that you see my ugly twine in the pictures...

All the colors of things I love....cinnamon-yummy, Crimson-heh red, Wine-love a good fruity tasting one, and the pumpkiny colors too.

Wee skein and momma skein
C, C & W
Unspun Pencil Roving 80/20 merino nylon from
Fiber Optic
3.8 oz of 80/20 Merino/NylonSpun into singles 16 wpi
skein 1 - approx. 55 yds, skein 2 - approx. 168 yds = 223 total yards...well approximately ;)


Jo said...

I love that - "Wheel Welcoming Gift" :)

Kaye said...

So pretty! I love me a good pencil roving!

dianne said...

The pencil roving looks really different from the bit of fiber I see at my LYS. Gorgeous colors in this one! What are you going to make with it?

weezalana said...

Oh wow! The fiber wasn't doing it for me, but the spun-up yarn TOTALLY is! It's gorgeous, love the colors!

Knit and Purl Mama said...