Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Franken what??

I joined the Oct/Nov GLBLF Spin-a-long and well I got the spinning down, just not the knitting part of it yet. :)

I spent a lot of my holiday spinning, although I should have been knitting, but hey, that's the constant battle for crafty time....I definately don't need another hobby!

Presenting Frankensquirrel!!
GLBLF Polwarth SAL Roving
4 oz. of lovely Polwarth roving dyed by Sam!

Got spun into these...

Then 2 plied into this....

This stuff pouffed up like crazy....I lost almost 18 yrds from soaking, but it is so very soft!!
Still enough for it's intended project. It's my best 2-ply so far!! I still have a few thin and thicker areas, but way less than ever before!

Artsy-fartsy shot!

Yummy handspun
4 oz. Polwarth from GLBLF Spin a Long
wpi 12-13 sport/light worsted (pre-soak was 17)
yds 203 (pre-soak I got 222 yds)

Ready to become my first handspun socks! Stay tuned! Oh..darn, I'd better weigh and split the skein to be sure I have enough...later, right now I like looking at it just as is.


pendie said...

Beautiful colors in the roving and yarn. You're spinning is wonderful!

dianne said...

Those will be some pretty socks!

Carol said...

You iz spinning genius! That looks lovely

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow! That yarn looks awesome! Love the pics too.

Knitting Kris said...

Simply stunning!