Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday--and Winners!


This week's topic is 10 Last Minute Gifts:

1. Dishcloths--whip up a couple and put in a nice basket with some fancy dishsoap. I love the Method products.
2. Gift cards--Some people think they are tacky, or that someone didn't take the time. I personally don't. I would much rather get a gift card then a gift I'll never use...However! Try to make sure the gift card can be spent online, or make sure the place is local to them.
3. Bakery goods--If you are a baker, a plate of goodies, loaf of bread (yeast, banana, pumpkin, etc..
4. Candles--Especially really good scented ones that someone may not splurge on. Vanilla is a good one usually....personally, I love fruity and cinnamony scents.
5. Club of the month--I've never done it, but maybe a fruit, candy, etc.
6. Hat or scarf--maybe you have some finished just sitting around or if you are really a fast knitter, a one night project...not me ;)
7. Flowers--maybe something that can be planted when the weather is nice or a cactus or ?? hehe..can you see I'm running outta stuff here ;)
8. Gift basket--Load it full of favorites of the person you are gifting to. I think a lot cheaper if you do it yourself. I just did one for our knitting guild and got a lot of stuff on sale, got a cheap basket and plastic bag and voila!
9. Subscription to a magazine, online or not. Netflix...
10. Offer a home cooked meal...yes I ran outta ideas...sorry ;)

Thanks for all your comments on my blogiversary! Glad to see familiar names and some new ones too :)

Winner of an Irishgirlieknits pattern of your choice is:
ETA: she's got a few new ones out and more to come this week... just sayin' :D

Yarn or Fiber Winners are:

Please email me your color preference and yarn or fiber choice so I can get your prizes to you :)

Thanks for playing everyone! Have a Merry Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, family members frequently get me gift cards to stores that exist nowhere near me. It's so easy to look this up online.

dianne said...

Club of the month is awesome. I did that for my MIL one year. She is a quilter so I got her a monthly shipment of her favorite fabric. In the end she loved it and made DH & I a scrap quilt with some of the pieces from the club!

MsKnottyKnits said...

There's a wine of the month club. I'd have to buy it for a friend I knew would share it with me tho. ;-)