Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Funky Junkies Cowl!

It arrived just in time for the cold weather!

Funky Junkies Cowl Swap 2011

Close up of the goodies!
Cute stitchmarkers and some yummy soap!

Close up!
My Funky Junky Cowl!
It's Funky Carolina MCN in Spooky Castle

Love my cowl!
Goes great with my coat and a few of my hats too! I love it, so soft!

Linda was a great partner.  Did I tell you she spun this yarn while recovering from an injury too!

Now it's time to spin for another swap!  Only have 2 rooms to sort a bit more, then only the garage is left and hubby has that mostly done....if he finds another box of yarn I'm ded...dead... ;0


Discoknits said...

Wow, so many colours in there. Beautiful.

dianne said...

Wow! What a great swap partner you had! Great cowl and great goodies. I really love the name of the color too! It's perfect for a fall project.

Jo said...

Beautiful - I love the colours in that one as well.

Lynn said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous!!!! What a great cowl!

LaBean said...

pumpkin brulee soap? I bet that smells heavenly!

That cowl's got some pretty jewel tones! I bet it's nice and cozy, too. :D

Kaye said...

Very pretty! And you'll have the weather to wear it!

sandra said...

Love markers! so cool! as much as the cowl!