Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday


This week is 10 Things to make with fresh Cranberries:

1. Homemade cranberry sauce- yum! Easy, peasy and good!

2. With leftover cranberry sauce, make Pork Loin with Cranberry Sauce-double yum! (I have tried PW's recipe for cranberry sauce, but I like the ocean spray one better.

3. Make a garland with popcorn. (haven't done that in ages!!)

4. muffins

5. Relish

6. Crisp

7. scones - need to try this one!

8. Jam - may have to try this one too!

9. Coffee Cake

10. New England Cranberry Duff??? What?? worth a try I think ;)

*disclaimer- I've only used the top 2 recipes, but since I usually get 2 packages on sale, I'll let you know how the other ones go!


Discoknits said...

You just got me thinking of crafts with the kids this year - popcorn garlands, of course, been wanting to do that for years!

Dee said...

I just bought two bags. Might have to give the crisp a try.

dianne said...

I'm going to try the cranberry sauce recipe. Thanks! Personally I prefer the stuff straight out of the can with the lines on it for easy slicing, but DH prefers the real thing :-)