Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

Finally have 1 room that's totally finished. The others all have one or more things to do, but it's ok. The only room that has a deadline is the guest room as college guy comes home next month for a week.

Standing at Front door
View from the front door.  Make a note of the colors you see here....

Hallway to Front Door
View of front door from living room/kitchen area.  Make note of the tiles...story on that later...

Had to retouch photo a bit, but here is more of the study. This room alone has 1/2 the amount of windows I had in my last house. We have a total of 18 windows.....I got estimates on shutters and blinds and thank goodness for sales! I don't normally like white blinds, but they work here.  In fact, due to the sunshine here during the day so far, no need for heat...yet.

2 out of 4 couches/loveseats in this house.  It was a former model home, so it all was included.  Some we like, some we didn't, thus the work in progress.

Perfect place for my table runner I think.

I do have a bookcase and bench that was originally ours in here.  Each room so far has something that we previously owned which is good.

This room has no tv and will become a nice place to sit and read/knit or talk.

The story I hinted at was when this house went on the market, I showed it to hubby. One good thing about previewing houses online, you definately can weed out a lot.  He saw that above tile and a few other rooms and was like...nope.  Well, had the one we decided to buy next door to this one not been already sold, we'd never viewed it.

So, we decided to view this one and once we got into the kitchen/living room combo, we knew it was home.  It wasn't the furniture being included that sold it,  or the entire YELLOW walls of the house either.  Next part was wheeling and dealing.....with success...obviously ;)

Now if I can get the dining room table cleared from bills, etc. I take some pic's soon to show you the main part we hang out in.

I will repaint day...for right now, I'm trying to embrace my nemesis color...pale yellow ;)


Anonymous said...

Your new home is gorgeous!!!!

Sarah Jackson said...

Embrace the yellow, Zonda! :) You know I'm a yellow lover.

It looks so lovely. Especially because it's yellow.

Discoknits said...

I LOVE it. You know I'm a big fan of the yellow right now. It looks classy ;0)

Acornbud said...

Looks great already! It's nice to be home:)

dianne said...

Your home looks absolutely lovely! When we renovated in 2007 I painted my main living areas different shades of yellow to gold. I'm not a big fan of yellow in general, but it seems to give our home a warm and welcoming feeling. It's been relatively easy to decorate with too!

Marissa said...

Yellow and I have never gotten along, either. I DO like the color (on my monitor) in the first picture- it's sold of a gold/mustard color. But, I hear ya.
The house is lovely. You're going to have lots of fun knitting in that room, it seems very light and peaceful.

Lynn said...

See I am LOVING the yellow!!! My walls are yellow as well so I think it looks fab!!! BTW is the picture above the bigger couch a cross stitched picture??? It looks like it to me, but I can't be sure.....

this room is stunning.